Why a Rug is the Décor Centerpiece of your room:

Whether you want to freshen the look and style of any room in your home, or you need to start from scratch, an area rug can be the centerpiece of your room décor. That’s because rugs can unify the look of all your pieces, and in some cases, creates a focal point.  For this reason, an area rug (along with your furniture) could be the very first element of the room décor that you curate.  But often, a rug is added later to refresh the look while still harmonizing everything into one cohesive whole.

1. Rugs Harmonize pieces of decor together

Every different element of your décor adds contrast and color. Your floors, furniture, drapes, pillows, and other pieces each bring in a different hue.   So a new rug can unite and reflect these colors.  The fun part is, different rug designs will emphasize different colors and shades of a room’s palette.  Your role, or the role of an interior designer, is to achieve a pleasant balance of light and dark with the right colors and achieve an overall look and feel.   This challenge is where an experienced designer might be helpful to you.

2. Rugs can be a Focal Point

Every room should have a focal point that draws the attention of everyone who enters the space.  Area rugs can serve this role because of their beautiful colors, exciting patterns, and pleasing textures.  Like magnificent pieces of artwork, rugs are artwork for the floor!

If your space is already subdued, you can experiment with bolder of differentiating colors and rug patterns to make the room more lively and energetic. This is like turning up the volume on the visual design and its complexity.

If, however, your room has other bright focal points, for example, prominent paintings, colorful pillows, or exciting furniture shapes or architectural features, you could conversely calm the room.  Here, your rug will play a more subtle, cleaner, but essential harmonizing role mentioned above.

In some cases you’ll want something somewhere in the middle, complementing other focal points with a balance that doesn’t overwhelm the senses. 

3. Rugs are Art

The variety of colors, patterns, and designs available in rugs today is fantastic!  This array of choices is exceptionally vast for affordable machine-made rugs, any of which can play the role of the artistic centerpiece for your room.   

But keep in mind, rugs are literally Art when you invest in a beautiful, one-of-a-kind handmade Persian carpet or oriental rug.  Because of their unique design, the hours of skilled craftsmanship, quality, and longevity, handmade rugs are investments in fine Art that often appreciate over time.  Persian rugs, which are only from Iran, have been the most famous pieces of rug artwork.   Some people also use rugs or tapestries for wall hangings. The decorative value of area rugs is very high, and you can alternatively choose to invest in an elegant silk rug or oriental rugs as a genuinely artistic centerpiece for your room.  Rug is the Décor Centerpiece

4. Rugs Reinforce the Style

What style or feel are you looking for?  Traditional, contemporary, European, Southwestern, or maybe tribal?  With hundreds of different patterns and designs available, rugs set and reinforce the look and feel you’re trying to achieve.  Without a matching rug design, it’s difficult to create a cohesive style for your room or produce a truly finished and consistent look.  

Some rug designs are so prominent and attractive that people can’t take their eyes off them!  The designs can be minimal and eye-popping at the same time, for example, contemporary or oriental rug designs. You can give your room a completely new look by switching to solid colors or patterns. You can even have a custom rug made to order in your favorite color and design.

6. Rugs Enhance a Room’s Overall Look.

Area rugs provide a pleasant contrast to floors, as well as a sense of warmth and comfort.  They make a room look more spacious by creating an illusion.  Large area rugs, like a 14×10 area rug, can produce a feeling of prominence and spaciousness.  There should be a gap of at least twelve inches between the walls and the rug on all sides. The contrast of the floors frames the room beautifully.

Rugs can also be placed in a particular area so that they define spaces for the other furniture pieces. It can also help to divide sections in your space like the study area, or the workspace, or the dressing area.  

7. Rugs can easily show off your Personality

If you want to show off your personality, you can do so with so many rug designs available!  Perhaps you’ll choose a bold rug design with busy patterns to make a neutral space speak up!  Experimenting with designer rugs is much easier than experimenting with wallpapers or paints.  You can try animal prints like zebra print rugs, tiled patterns, and floral or botanical prints. These designs are very eye-catching and instantly draws the focus of the guests.  If you want to express more of you, then a rug is a great option. Rug is the Décor Centerpiece

Free Rug Design Consultation

With so many variables and choices, you might find it daunting to find a perfect rug for your room, taste, and budget.  If so, you can contact the best Rug Consultation Firm in San Diego, Rug Expo; they can help you with their expert advice for free! You can even send them a picture of your room, floors, and furniture, along with the look you’re going after, by a text message.  Their designers can send back several great rug designs that will help you find the perfect rug. They will even drive a selection of the recommended rugs out to your home, so you can see them in your room before you buy.   Call the design experts at Rug Expo: (858) 689-9007 san Diego.