We’ll Make Your Rug New Again

Rug Repair


For over 30 years, Rug Expo has mastered rug repair. We offer top-notch rug restoration services in San Diego and beyond.

No matter how worn or damaged, our skilled restoration techniques can miraculously return rugs to pristine condition and value. Our extensive experience has given us a profound understanding of how to acquire, sell, exchange, and expertly care for rugs when they need repair.


of rugs back to pristine condition,

including antique and vintage pieces.

Our restoration process begins with a detailed examination of the rug requiring attention. This examination guides us in determining the most effective repair strategy. Factors such as the rug’s age, material, and how it was crafted underpin our approach.

Specializing in the repair of antique, Persian, and oriental rugs, our team uses their professional knowledge to mend your rugs so perfectly that it looks as though the damage never occurred. Maintain your trust in your valuable, albeit damaged, area rugs. Rug Expo’s Cleaning & Repair is dedicated to rejuvenating your treasured pieces.


Rug Fringe Repair

Repeated vacuuming, pets biting, and regular walking can damage and loosen a rug’s fringes. Our Oriental Rug Repair service expertly creates new fringes, matching the original materials and colors carefully. This careful work strengthens the rug’s overall structure and makes it look beautiful again.

Dry Rot Repair

Continuous contact with water, from incidents like floods, spilled beverages, or pet accidents, can lead to dry rot in your area rugs. When a rug frequently gets wet and then dries, its base can weaken, resulting in holes. In these situations, our area rug repair service removes damaged sections and reconstructs missing areas. We use matching materials and colors, restoring integrity and appearance.

Loose Foundation Reinforcement

Wrong cleaning products, hardened pet urine, and rug moth damage can weaken fibers and the base, risking the rug falling apart. Our rug repair team strengthens loose parts and rewinds missing sections, ensuring your rug is safe and intact.


We can fix holes and rips of all different sizes on all types of rugs.

we see rips occur due to the age of a rug if it is vintage or an antique. However, sometimes accidents happen and we see newer pieces in need of a repair too. Every type of damage has a unique process; our team can replace worn pile, as well as re-weave and re-knot rips and holes in your rug.

Tear Repair

When the base of your Oriental rug is damaged due to age, dried pet urine, insects, and mildew, it’s at risk of tearing and falling apart. Our qualified Oriental rug repair professional reinforces the rug, adding a new foundation and securing the threads back in place.

Color Bleeding Restoration

Leftover soap from home cleaning, too much sun, steam cleaning, and old pet urine can upset the careful pH balance of your rug, leading to colors that bleed. Our area rug restoration service applies special treatments to stabilize the rug’s colors to prevent any further bleeding and uses matching dyes to correct any faded areas.

Rug Size Alteration

If your area rug is too large for your new home or parts of it are significantly damaged, consider our rug alteration service. This option allows you to adjust the rug’s size to better suit your space. After resizing, our skilled repair technicians add new side bindings that match the original color and material, ensuring the rug’s edges are well-protected and its structure remains intact.

Repair Inspection

The initial and concluding phase of our rug repair procedure involves a detailed inspection. After repairs, we conduct another thorough examination to ensure the service quality meets our elevated standards. Every rug that comes into our repair workshop is fully insured, providing a guarantee on the work we perform.

Hole Repair

Carpet beetles, moths, aging, and dry rots weaken the area rug’s foundation and leave holes all over the surface in area rugs that are mostly woolen. Our area rug repair expert inserts a new loom on the rug and reweaves the holes according to the rug pattern and with matching color and material.

Luckily, the professionals at Rug Expo will restore your color as good as new!

Our Dye Masters know how to correct color run, as well as blend the right dyes very precisely in order to achieve exact color matches. This ensures uniformity that will restore a damaged rug or carpet back to its original beauty and vividness.