White Glove Service,
Your Peace of Mind

White Glove

We do more than just pick up your rug;
here’s what we’ll also do:

  • Move furniture that’s on or near your rug
  • Clean the floor under your rug by vacuuming and mopping
  • Put all the furniture back just like it was
  • Take your rug to get cleaned and fixed up at our place
  • Bring your rug back when we said we would
  • Get the spot ready and clean before we put your rug down
  • Place your rug(s) back perfectly.

White Glove Treatment means...

At Rug Expo, our special White Glove Treatment means you get the best care and luxury. Whether you want to try a rug before buying it or need it cleaned and fixed, we take care of everything. We’ll pick up your rug, move any furniture, clean your space, and put everything back just right. You can enjoy our beautiful rugs without doing any of the work.

We pay attention to every little detail.

Enjoy the ease of Rug Expo’s White Glove Treatment. Looking to add a new rug to your home or get your favorite one cleaned?
We pay attention to every little detail. We’ll clean under your rugs and make sure they come back to you looking perfect. Our full service aims to go beyond what you expect.

Giving you the best White Glove service.

Rug Expo is all about giving you the best service with our White Glove Treatment. It’s not just about cleaning or fixing rugs. We make everything easy by moving your furniture and cleaning up for you, making sure your rug looks just as good coming back as it did going out. Trust us to keep your rugs looking beautiful and well-cared for.

This premium service is offered at “NO ADDITIONAL COST”, providing

you with a unique and luxurious experience at Rug Expo.

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