Accidents Happen,
Dont Make them permanent!

Rug Stain Removal

We all love our pets; we also love our beautiful rugs. Unfortunately, the two do not always coexist well, especially with the occasional rug pet stain masterpieces. Accidents happen, no matter how well behaved your furry friend may be.

When your pet friend has an accident, there is no need to panic! The experts at Rug Expo are professionals at rug pet stain & odor removal.


The professionals at Rug Expo understand the value of oriental rugs, and we also offer expert appraisals for Persian, Vintage, and Antique Rugs. We have three options for conducting a professional rug appraisal:

1. FUR

Pet hair and dander are irritants for a person who has asthma. This pet hair can get embedded deep down in rugs. No matter what you do at home, it is pretty much impossible to remove it all. This is why we recommend frequent pet stain & odor removal from rug professionals to keep this problem under control.


Pets also release oil from their fur that gets into the fibers of the rug. Over time, this oil builds up in the foundation and can cause damage. This is is another problem that can be resolved with expert, consistent rug cleaning.


Have you ever walked into a pet owners home and noticed that it smells? The owner is usually oblivious to the smell because they just get used to it over time. You do not want to be the pet owner who is “nose blind.” Our pet stain & odor removal experts not only get the stain out of your rug, but we also remove the odors that come with pet accidents.

The Problem of Animal Urine on Oriental Rugs and Other Carpeting

Not only is it an unhealthy living environment, but if left untreated, urine stains on rugs can cause permanent damage. The two problems caused by pet urine stem from both bacteria and pH. When dog or cat urine is first deposited on your rug it has a PH of about 5 or 6 which is very acidic. Ideally, you would remove it right away while it is still fresh. Unfortunately, rug owners can’t always catch it right away, and this leaves a perfect breeding ground for bacteria to feed. Over time, after the urine dries the bacteria continue to feed and produce their own waste.

Now by this point, the pH is around 10 or 12!

And this makes it much more difficult for the stain and odor to be removed from your rug. Plus, it’s now much more likely the rug has suffered damage as the stain was not removed immediately. Past the risk of damage, a simple in-home cleaning will not get these types of odors out of the carpet once it has settled. Nobody wants to have a pet urine stain on their beautiful floor art, or a permanent unpleasant stench of pet odor.

That's why we say please don’t wait until it is too late! Give our team a call and let our pet stain & odor removal experts bring your rug back to life.