rug Padding is essential,
Get the right rug pad for your rug.

Rug Pad

It’s important to get a quality rug pad for your rug. Why?
Because many cheaper and low-quality rug pad options could actually cause damage! This is because many plastic pads are coated with adhesives or chemicals to enhance grip.

Unfortunately, one side effect of this is that they can stain or damage your floors depending on how the chemicals of the adhesive react with the floor finish. Be wary of what your rug pad is made of and what chemicals are used.


There are a few factors to consider when selecting a rug pad for your new carpet. The primary things are dimensions, thickness, and your home’s type of floor covering. If you aren’t buying a custom-cut pad, then it’s best to buy a pad that is just slightly larger than your rug to ensure it extends all the way to the sides. Then, you can always cut off the excess to make sure it fits perfectly

the rug does not slide around

If you have a very smooth, somewhat slick flooring surface in your home (like hardwood) make sure you get a “sticky” pad with solid traction. If you buy something that grips (such as textured rubber) you can ensure the rug does not slide around when walked on.


Why Get Padding For Your Rug? A rug pad is a must-have for many different reasons. First, rug pads ensure safety! If you buy an area rug without a rug pad, the rug will slide around on the floor, which could cause a slip resulting in an injury.

protect your floor and rug from damage

Another benefit is that a good rug pad can help protect both your floor and rug from damage, ensuring your investment lasts over time. Last, padding is supportive and can make your rug more comfortable. Many rug pads are constructed of thick, plush material, making them nice to walk on.


There are many different types of pads available, including those made of synthetic materials like rubber, natural materials like jute, and even felt.

They each work for different cases and purposes. Here are two popular rug pad options:


This grippy pad is the most popular style of rug pad available, and is best suited for rugs that are placed on slick surfaces, such as hardwood or linoleum floors. They are also ideal for smaller rugs that tend to slide around often.


Felt rugs pads are also an option, but they are not ideal if you have a rug that slides. Instead, felt rug pads or thick carpet pads should mostly be used under larger/heavier rugs, or those rugs that are already being held down by furniture. These types of pads are great for rug protection and comfort.

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