Got a stained, dirty or dingy looking rug? Life is not predictable; it will throw things like kids, pets, shoe traffic, food, and drink spills that will make for a dirty rug. To protect it, you should ideally get your rug cleaned right away if you get a stain. Stains aside, it's recommended to get your rugs cleaned at least every 3-5 years, depending on its foot traffic and use. With proper care, your rug will last far longer than you might expect, even decades.

RugExpo basic wash


This is our basic shampoo and cleaning providing a more cost-effective way to have your rugs cleaned. Rugs are inspected, dusted, soaked and washed, clear rinsed, dried and finished. See the steps below. Basic Rug Wash sanitizes your rug, but may not remove certain kinds of stains.

Rugexpo silky wash


It's our premium cleaning service providing the cleanest and softest result and is recommended for fine, handmade wool and silk rugs, or dirtier or stained rugs. It includes our best shampoo, sanitizers, deodorizers, a longer stain removal process. This process can remove 80-98% of stains and odors.

If you searched for “Rug Cleaner San Diego,” “Oriental Rug Cleaners San Diego” or “Persian rug cleaning San Diego,” you might find several listings. But please don’t believe that all area rug cleaning services are the same, or that prices offered by our competitors necessarily reflects the quality of their rug washing. You might find lower prices from a “rug cleaner near me”, which would include “in home” rug cleaning which are often wall-to-wall carpet cleaners looking to use the same surface cleaning method to your rug. These type of firms and others do not take into account your rug’s origin, material and construction, nor use the right rug washing process which includes total emersion, soaking and rinsing processes which takes multiple days. To protect your investment, just call us or click the link above to get your rug picked up and cleaned at Rug Expo! As San Diego’s largest, top-rated and most experienced full-service rug store, Rug Expo experts know how to wash and clean your precise rug. Again, while there may be a number of professional rug cleaners, you owe it to yourself and your rug to select the best area rug cleaner in San Diego, Rug Expo. Just take a look at some of the steps in our Rug Cleaning process:
Rug Expo | Rugs in San Diego, CA


At Rug Expo, we employ experienced rug cleaners. Other firms under “Area Rug Cleaners San Diego” would look at one rug just as the same as all others-- and that can lead to disastrous results. Our cleaners first inspect your rug to verify its origin for proper care. They consider factors such as fabric, dyes and colorfastness, construction, knotting and more to determine the correct (and safe) green rug cleaning process. They also look for any bleeds, tears, pet stains, and any type of color damage before they being. Depending on your rug, here are some of the steps we will take to get your rug like new again.

Rug Expo | Rugs in San Diego, CA


The dirt your rug accumulates gets rooted into your rug, making it harder to clean. A simple at-home vacuum cleaning is not enough, nor is a steam clean or even a “Rug Doctor” rentable machine. Our dusting process and machines loosen all the dust and particles before the actual rug washing. Just take a look at the dust loosened in the adjacent image! Typical carpet and dry cleaners only surface clean rugs, which leaves dirt and crumbs embedded. This not only keeps your rug dirty, but it also damages the rug in the process. With surface cleaning, the dirt and particles create a harder rug base, meaning your rug will stiffen and will not last as long as it should. We make sure every speck of dust is removed, even if it takes multiple tries.

Rug Expo | Rugs in San Diego, CA


When our experts start their work, our rug cleaning staff scrubs your rug with the proper kind of soap, providing eco-friendly and green rug wash, and then rinses it gently but thoroughly. We use a 100% rug hand wash method. With our professional rug cleaning, we ensure that your rug gets thorough, deep clean. We rinse your rug in between every scrubbing in order to remove all the dirt and grime. These two steps are repeated AS LONG AS IT TAKES for the rinse water to run clear. The amount of dirty water that first comes from a rug we clean is a testament to just how much dirt rugs can hold and how much we remove!

Rug Expo | Rugs in San Diego, CA


After gently washing area rugs, we remove the moisture from the rug as quickly as possible. We use a roller, centrifugal spinner or extractor to remove the water from the rug. After drying, our rug cleaners brush the rugs to make sure the rug fibers flow in their natural direction or their nap. After this, we transport the rug to a dry room where it hangs over rollers.

Rug Expo | Rugs in San Diego, CA


After drying, the rug is groomed and fitted to look as new as the day you got it. We trim the rug so there isn't any hanging materials or distorted threads. This ensures that your rug will be left with a smooth surface with clean edges.

Rug Expo | Rugs in San Diego, CA


Finally, a finisher machine softens your rug. This gives the rug a nice, clean look that leaves it freshened and renewed.

Rug Expo | Rugs in San Diego, CA


Rug Expo is committed to providing you the best rug cleaning service for your investment. We care and pamper your investment like it's our own. Our team will inspect your rug before returning it to ensure it meets our high quality standards.


San Diego’s rug experts are here 10-6 daily.

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