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basic tug wash

This is our basic shampoo and cleaning providing a more cost-effective way to have your rugs cleaned. Rugs are inspected, dusted, soaked and washed, clear rinsed, dried and finished. See the steps below. Basic Rug Wash sanitizes your rug, but may not remove certain kinds of stains.

silky rug wash

It's our premium cleaning service providing the cleanest and softest result and is recommended for fine, handmade wool and silk rugs, or dirtier or stained rugs. It includes our best shampoo, sanitizers, deodorizers, a longer stain removal process. This process can remove 80-98% of stains and odors.

Rug Expo is San Diego’s largest rug store, family owned since 1994, and the top experts for rug cleaning in San Diego. We wash oriental rugs, Persian Rugs, and Shag rugs–just about any kind of area rug. Please give us a call for a quote or any questions!

Since 1994

we’ve been experts in:

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Persian Rug Cleaning

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Oriental Rug Cleaning

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Rug Odor Removal

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Pickup and Delivery Rug Cleaning

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Professional Rug Cleaning

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Wool Rug Cleaning

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Rug Repair of All Kinds

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Water Immersion Rug Wash

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Area Rug Cleaning Drop Off


please don’t believe!

If you searched for “Rug Cleaner San Diego,” “Oriental Rug Cleaners San Diego” or “Persian rug cleaning San Diego,” you might find several listings. But please don’t believe that all area rug cleaning services are the same, or that prices offered by our competitors necessarily reflects the quality of their rug washing.

You might find lower prices!

You might find lower prices “in home” carpet cleaners which are often wall-to-wall carpet cleaners looking to use the same surface cleaning method to your rug. These type of firms and others do not take into account your rug’s origin, material and construction, nor use the right rug washing process which includes total Emerson, soaking and rinsing processes which takes multiple days.

largest, top-rated, most experienced, full-service rug store!

To protect your investment, just call us to get your rug picked up and cleaned at Rug Expo! As San Diego’s largest, top-rated and most experienced full-service rug store, Rug Expo experts know how to wash and clean your precise rug. You owe it to yourself and your rug to select the best area rug cleaner in San Diego, Rug Expo.

Did you know that

“Your rug is The biggest Air Filter in your home”

Keep reading to learn about
the 10 simple steps we take to care for your rug:

1. San Diego Rug Pre-Inspection Expertise

Our cleaning journey initiates with an in-depth inspection, uniquely customized to identify the distinct features of your rug. This foundational step ensures a tailored cleaning approach, pivotal for San Diego’s diverse rug collections, highlighting our unmatched expertise in rug analysis and repair assessment.

2. Advanced Rug Dusting in San Diego

Employing cutting-edge technology, we elevate traditional dusting methods to meticulously remove deep-seated dirt, safeguarding the longevity and beauty of San Diego’s cherished rugs. This blend of old-world wisdom and modern innovation underscores our commitment to preserving local heirlooms.

3. Revolutionary San Diego Rug Flooding Technique

Mimicking the age-old tradition of river washing, our specialized shallow bath technique gently revitalizes your rug, a nod to our reverence for historical cleaning practices, reimagined for today’s San Diego homes.

4. Handcrafted Rug Washing with Organic Solutions in San Diego

Our hand washing process, utilizing an exclusive organic solution, embodies our dedication to environmentally friendly, safe cleaning practices. This meticulous care ensures every San Diego home’s rug retains its integrity and splendor.

5. Expert Rug Rinsing for San Diego’s Fine Rugs

Rinsing, handled with unparalleled precision by our rug experts, exemplifies our mastery in maintaining the rug’s aesthetic, a testament to our leading status in San Diego’s rug care industry.

6. Gentle Water Extraction for Rugs in San Diego

Our sophisticated water extraction method exemplifies our innovative approach to moisture removal, crucial for preserving the rug’s foundation and ensuring it remains a cherished part of San Diego households without the risk of damage.

7. Comprehensive Rug Drying Techniques in San Diego

Utilizing advanced drying strategies, we guarantee a moisture-free rug, preventing common issues and ensuring the longevity of San Diego’s treasured rugs, ready to grace your homes with their renewed beauty.

8. San Diego’s Premier Rug Fringe Cleaning & Grooming

Our detailed fringe care process, tailored for each unique piece, showcases our dedication to perfection, maintaining the pristine condition of San Diego’s rugs down to the very last thread.

9. Finishing Touches by San Diego’s Rug Restoration Experts

In the finishing phase, we breathe life back into your rug, ensuring it returns to your San Diego home with a soft, plush feel, ready to add warmth and style to your living space.

10. Rigorous Final Inspection by San Diego’s Rug Cleaning Leaders

Our final inspection is a testament to our relentless pursuit of excellence, ensuring each rug meets our high standards, reinforcing our position as the ultimate destination for rug care in San Diego.

Rug Expo transcends traditional rug cleaning and repair, offering a service steeped in expertise and love for the craft, making us the unequivocal choice for discerning San Diego homeowners. Our approach, honed over thirty years, is not just about maintaining rugs; it’s about preserving the stories and craftsmanship of every piece that passes through our doors.

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