One inspiring object can set the
tone for an entire space.
Effortless Rug Delivery and Setup

Try Before Buy

At Rug Expo, we give our customers the ability to try before they buy! With our on-approval policy you can take our rugs home and see them in your home before you make any commitment to buy.

Elle Decor Magazine’s article

“How to Decorate a Room? Start with the Rug!”

The rug is the soul of the room

Most countries with a longer history of decorating with rugs most commonly agree that “the rug is the soul of the room” At Rug Expo, we agree.
It is always best to let your decorating start with a beautiful rug. When you enter a room the floor is the main focal point of the room. Additionally, rugs are always a better investment than furniture.

Come back anytime and swap your rug

With Rug Expo, even when you buy you are never stuck with your rug. We have a lifetime 100% trade-in policy, as long as we clean your rug regularly every 2 years and maintain it in original condition. Whether your decorative tastes have changed, you need a new size or style, or you simply have a rug you don’t need anymore, come back anytime and you can swap your rug with another in our inventory. 

Our on-approval service allows our customers to be certain of Their rug.

natural lighting and the unique lighting of your home will make your rug look very different from how they look in our showroom. It is also important to make sure your rug fits well with your furniture, wall color, and overall style of your room. All of these components are hard to consider while seeing the rug in our showroom. We want to make sure our customers are in love with their rug before they buy and there is nothing like seeing your new rug in your own home!


We are waiting for you at the Rug Expo to help you pick the best rug suited for your home and deliver it to your door, place it wherever you want with careful consideration and give you tips on how to keep your rug as new as it is today.

We're all ears!

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