3 Really Good Reasons to Pick a Pro Rug Cleaning

Is your rug starting to look a little dull or grimy? pro rug cleaning It’s natural for rugs to get dirty and lose a little luster over time and use, at which point they’ll need a thorough cleaning. But before trying an at-home DIY solution, or hiring an in-home commercial carpet cleaner, check out the reasons why you should call in an expert rug cleaner for an off-site rug cleaning. It’s Better for Your Health

How effective are your household cleaning sprays at getting rid of all the germs hiding in your rug and carpets? Not so much. This might temporarily neutralize things, but the dirt is still there. What about the hot-water extraction method of in-home carpet cleaners? While that method does work for loose and unknotted monotone carpets, it doesn’t work well for most area rugs. Professional rug cleaners vibrate to “beat” the dirt out of your rug, then fully soak your rug in their facility before using a gentle yet powerful cleaner which removes all the dirt and leaves your rug actually clean. This is especially important if you have young children who regularly play on your floor, as it can prevent illnesses.

Professional rug cleaning can remove allergens. Allergens are what cause allergic reactions like watery and itchy eyes in many and for a few, even asthma. Allergens can very easily be collected in your rug, which acts like a giant air filter over time. Even if you vacuum regularly, you need a more thorough cleaning process—and that’s where the professionals can help.

You’ll Avoid Damage

You wouldn’t take a fur coat to be cleaned at a car wash, right? Well, fine rugs are the same way, and they require expert processes that commercial carpet cleaners do not specialize in. The acidic cleaning solution they use on carpets can damage rugs and cause color bleeds and fading. Every rug, whether an Oriental rug, Persian, or antique, are all completely different. They have they different materials, weaves, and dyes. Without the proper education on how each of these factors relates to cleaning processes, a rug can easily be permanently damaged. pro rug cleaning

Furthermore, often dry cleaners and commercial carpet cleaners leave dirt in your rugs that can cause excess damage. In order to properly clean your rug, you have to thoroughly remove this dirt, and it often takes multiple attempts. Many carpet and dry cleaners do not do this, and can leave actual pounds of dirt in your rug after the rug is returned to you! Your Rug will be Pristine Again

No matter how amazing you are at cleaning, it’s pretty difficult to get every single stain, odor, and mark out of your rug. Everyday cleaning products are just not robust enough to get the job done. An expert rug cleaner will wash the rug multiple times until every stain and all dirty is removed. Then, they will rinse the rug with clean water until it runs completely clear, ensuring all impurities and grime are completely gone.

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