Six Reasons to Buy a Rug in Your Local Showroom

Considering a beautiful new rug for your living room, dining room, bedroom, or a runner?  While shopping online at e-commerce sites like are super-convenient, have free shipping and a vast selection, there are some great reasons to visit a local showroom. 

1) See your True Colors (with your own eyes)!

People still like to shop for certain things (like rugs) in person.  One reason is color.   Images sometimes don’t represent the true colors of the rug.  When you visit a rug store or showroom, you can also bring a reference color, such as a pillow from your couch, a paint sample, a drapery, or even a picture of your room on your phone.  Then share your sample with the store’s experts to find great matching rug.   Rug Expo has thousands of rugs to browse and our helpful staff can lay these out under our bright natural lighting. There’s nothing like seeing it with your own eyes.

Did you know that most hand-made rugs have different hue of color depending on the side you look at it? That’s because there is a natural “nap” that tilts the fabric in a certain direction. So, by walking around the rugs you can see the hue change and that could help you pick the right one and avoid surprises.

2) Feelings, nothing more than Feelings (with your own hands and feet)!

When you visit a local rug showroom, you’ll be able to feel and experience the thickness, nap, softness, and quality with your own hands.  You can even take off your shoes and walk on different rugs (with or without a rug pad) in your bare feet!  You’ll be living with your new rug for years so it might be worth a drive to really experience it with your own hands and feet first.

3) Almost the same selection (as online)!  

A few stores in your city may have a huge selection to browse right there on their racks and floor space.  For example, San Diego’s top-ranked and rated showroom, Rug Expo, has over 10,000 rugs to view and experience with your own eyes, hands, and feet.  They’re sure to have at least the right design and colors, and if for example, don’t have every size, they can order it from their warehouse within days. You can buy All types of rugs online At

4) Expert Personal Advice (with your own Ears)!  

Some stores, again, like Rug Expo in San Diego, have been selling rugs for three generations!  Their friendly and top-rated staff can help you select the right style, color and size of rug just as well (or sometimes better) as an interior decorator or designer.  Based on the color of your floor, furniture and room size and budget they’ll get you excited on a few different designs in no time.   Some people expect to spend an hour but Rug Expo’s sales staff can typically find them the perfect rug within minutes.  

 5) It’s Easier to Take a Rug Home (to match with your own décor)  

Even professional decorators with years of experience find that placing a rug into the intended room is invaluable.  You and your significant other can see if the rug really pulls the décor together!   If you buy in-store or in their delivery area, you can return a rug to Rug Expo with no charge (within time limits).  This takes all the risk out of finding the perfect rug you’ll absolutely love.  You also won’t have to deal with guessing, shipping and return shipping.

6) You’ll get a Great Deal!

Rug stores that move a tremendous volume and are wholesalers (like Rug Expo in San Diego) are in a position to give you a great deal and the lowest price.  Without covering the “free shipping” of online sales they can pass those savings on to you.  On their TV ads owner, Bijan Farrokhi smiles and exclaims “no one can beat our prices!”   Their top-rated reviews on Google and Yelp confirm the same.

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There. Hopefully, you have some reasons why you should visit Rug Expo’s showroom at 7996 Miramar Road in San Diego.  Not in the area, or simply want to shop online?  Go to and opt-in and you’ll get a 10% coupon on any item on the store with free shipping.   Also, lookout for a future post on our “How to Buy a Rug Online!”