4 Tips to Keep Your Rugs Looking New

Tips to Keep Rugs New, You spend a good chunk of change to decorate your home, a bigger chunk on your rug. With such a huge investment, you want to make sure it looks good all the time. Here are some tips on how to maintain your rug.

Vacuum hard and vacuum often

One of the best ways to maintain your rug is to vacuum frequently. We would recommend trying to vacuum your rug at least once a week. By vacuuming every week, you can collect more crumbs, dust, and dirt that accumulate over that short period of time. Otherwise, letting that dirt build up will make it harder to pull out later. Take the time during each week to vacuum and that will keep it looking new for a long time.

Spot Cleaning

Everyone has accidents. You will inevitably have spills. Whether it be spilling coffee when rushing to work or having some of that tomato sauce splash out of your bowl, you need to clean it right away. Attack these spills as they happen. Keep your rug’s colors looking bright. The longer you wait, the harder it is to get those stains out.

Rotate your rug

Your rug placement matters for your home. You need to decide how it’s placed in the bedroom or the living room. You need to decide how to place it. One tip we highly recommend is to annually rotate your rug. Why? If your rug is in the living room for example, sunlight may only be shining on half the rug. Rotate your rug to even out the wear and fade. This will keep your rug from looking wonky and uneven. Tips to Keep Rugs New

Get a professional

Other than rotating your rug, you also need to get it professionally cleaned at least once a year. No matter how much cleaning, vacuuming, and nitpicking you do to your rug, you don’t have the capability to deep clean it. As a consumer, you’re going to miss some things. Tips to Keep Rugs New

This how you can tell if it’s time to get your rug professionally cleaned. Rub your finger vigorously through your vacuum for 10 seconds. If your finger comes out dirty, it’s time for the deep clean. You can also pull a pile apart to see the surface of the rug. If the warp and weft are dirty, it’s time for a deep clean. The dirt has been sunken down deep into the rug that would take a bit more than your basic surface cleaning. If you have any questions, contact the Rug Expo and we can help you evaluate your rug and what it needs.

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