Modern Rugs: Why shop at a Local Rug Store

Shop Modern Rugs Locally

Are you considering beautiful modern rugs for your home? You can shop online but never get to see the true color, quality, or feel of the contemporary rugs. You could also shop at the big box or home goods stores but you’ll be disappointed with the selection or quality. Instead, visit a larger local store that has a great selection of area rugs in stock! You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the quality and value.

A larger local rug store will likely have quite a few contemporary rugs in stock, including rugs for any room, including the dining room, bedroom, den, bathroom, home office, and modern living room rugs. This rug store may have a family background, making it a trustworthy place to shop.

Local Rug Store or Online?

Some local stores, Like Rug Expo in San Diego, have both a showroom and an online e-commerce rug store. Then you can use their website to begin searching for just the kind of area rugs they need. You can browse for a modern rug by several criteria, including the price of the rug, its color, the shape and size of the rug, its materials, the rug’s country of origin, the type of fabric, and brand.

You undoubtedly, have a budget that you’re looking to stick to when rug shopping. So it makes sense to be able to shop for rugs by price. This allows you to stick to just the amount you want to spend. However, rug stores are often bound by a minimum advertised price (MAP). So you can sometimes get a better deal in the store (below the current MAP / online price. Often the in-store inventory is different and a tad older than what’s online, allowing you to find a steal!

A modern area rug with blues and greys
Expo Avenue Grey / Silver

Modern Rug Choices

Many different styles of rugs exist for customers to choose from. Modern area rug options are often colorful and patterned. Still, other fun styles of rugs include ikat, abstract, chevron, nouveau, botanical, damask, Gabbeh, blocked, Greek key, tone-on-tone, deco, stripes, braided, flatweave, botanical, geometric, curvilinear, borderless, and with waves or circles.

When planning out where to put your modern rugs, size is a determining factor. Larger rug stores stock all sizes, including small, mid-sized, and oversized rugs. These also come in various shapes like square, free-form, oval, star-shaped, heart-shaped, rectangular, octagonal, and round.

Color is also another crucial factor to keep in mind when selecting the right rug. The hues should complement the modern decor already present in a room rather than clash with it. Therefore, searching by color allows the customer to find only which rugs interest them.

Rug material options include jute, silk, bamboo, polyester, acrylic, wool, hemp, polypropylene, cotton, sisal, cellulose, olefin, viscose, felt, nylon, seagrass, polyester, silk, and leather. The rug weave type may be tufted, handcrafted, power-loomed, hand-hooked, hand-woven, hand-knotted, machine-made, or printed. All of these affect a rug’s quality and value.

Contemporary Rugs Service and Selection

By visiting your local store, you’ll get the benefit of a rug expert who can help you find the perfect contemporary rugs in minutes. Just bring in some images of your room or fabric samples. This is great since these stores have a much better inventory and quality than the big box stores. You’ll be able to find something you’ll love quite quickly.

To start, browse and shop modern rugs and contemporary rug category at Remember, their stock in the store is somewhat different but you’ll get some great ideas. If you’re in San Diego, CA, then come visit Rug Expo! They have been in business for over 27 years, are family-owned, and the largest rug store in San Diego. They also have the top Google and Yelp reviews for service, value, and selection. Here are some of those reviews and driving directions.