Outdoor Rugs To Liven Up Your Outdoor Area

Want to add a little happiness to your outdoor patio or deck?  Get an Outdoor Rug!  They come in an endless number of colors and patterns and will add class and pizzaz to your backyard or deck.  An “indoor/outdoor rug” is the number one thing to give your backyard a makeover, and better yet, they are very cost-effective.

An outdoor patio rug provides comfort for your feet and protection from deck splinters or your patio concrete. Indoor/Outdoor rugs, as they are often called, means you can use them inside or out.  This is because they are made with more resilient natural or synthetic fibers and weaves.  Many resist stains and can be easily washed, many just with a hose! Many people use them in kid’s play areas, bedrooms, or anywhere your kids live, play or eat.  Others will use them indoors in their basements, as they resist mold and mildew, or other moisture.  

Choosing the right Indoor / Outdoor Rug

First, consider the right size of rug for your space. Outdoor rugs in 8×10 are a very popular size.   Although a small rug will make an impact, if you’re looking at a seating or dining area, a bit larger rug will be more practical.

But what type of design should you choose? How do you give your outdoor space its individual touch and style?  There are endless designs and colors.

First, think about the surrounding colors as well as the elements and style of your home overall. Considering the color of your existing floor and walls, visualize how your area rug will impact the space in terms of contrasts and color harmony.

We always think a rug should be the first piece of decor for any area because it has the most significant impact with its expansive canvas. It can also harmonize the pieces into a unified style.  But you can add an area rug after you’ve selected the other pieces. So either start with a great-looking outdoor rug, or mix one in after you’ve selected outdoor furniture and “accessories,” such as potted plants, cushions, a string or more of white lights, table lanterns, or candle lights.

Then, look for a design that produces an exciting, livable, and cozy look.  Start by browsing online for outdoor rug ideas.  For example, scroll through popular pins on Pinterest or Google Images.  Or start at a great e-commerce store like RugExpoSD.com and use the “Style” menu or filters to search for “Indoor/ Outdoor Rugs.” Better yet, visit one of the larger rug stores in your area that has a good selection, like Rug Expo. They offer better selection and service than the big box stores or online giants. They can even make alterations to your rug, and custom-cut a pad for it too.  Plus, there’s nothing like seeing and feeling the rugs in person should you find one you love when simply looking for ideas.

Outdoor Rug Fabric

Outdoor patio rugs are available in many different fabrics to stand up to the outdoor environment, including rain, morning dew, and sunshine.  Many are synthetic, others are “grass” carpets, and many of those are outdoor braided carpets such as outdoor jute rugs. Still, each will have different durabilities in the elements and resistance to mold and mildew. Synthetics tend to do better with moisture, whereas grass mats can develop mildew if not pre-treated.

If your rugs are shaded, such as under an awning cover, you may not need sun-resistant fiber.  If not, consider a fabric rated for sunshine or has UV protection.

The Benefits of Indoor/ Outdoor Rugs

As the days get longer, how nice would it be to spend more time outdoors in comfort and style?  Picture yourself entertaining friends on a beautiful night in your new outside area!

Count it a blessing if you have an outside area to call your own, especially if you live near us in San Diego, California, where we can use our outside area practically all year round.  No matter what type of outdoor space you have, you can enhance it with a colorful outdoor rug at a terrific price.

Rug Expo has a great selection in our store here in San Diego and online. Please click to view some selections of Indoor/Outdoor rugs on RugExpoSD.com