Solid Color Rugs are the Trend

Did you know that solid color rugs are getting very popular? I find this to be especially true for “minimalists” or people who believe that “less is more.” 

An area rug can bring a lot of color and style to a room. But a tone-on-tone or single solid color rug can also calm down and “ground” an otherwise busy room environment.

Why Choose a Solid Color Rug?

They are an excellent choice for a clean, simple, or modern look or not to overwhelm guests when you have plenty of pillows, table accessories, or wall art. Some people prefer a solid neutral color, such as a white or beige solid rug. But if you want to inject a brighter color, you may want to emphasize that solid color over any pattern or design.

Solid color rugs are typically made of wool. Standard sizes include the 8 x 10′ solid rugs, which are usually handmade.

See Rug Expo owner Bijan Farrokhi talk about Solid Rugs at Rug Expo

See Rug Expo owner Bijan Farrokhi talk about Solid Rugs at Rug Expo

Where to Buy, and How Much are They?

Standard-sized solid color area rugs (in the store at Rug Expo) are priced from $300 to $800. Because Rug Expo has their rugs made to order overseas, and they’re all direct imports, they can save their customers a lot of money.

If you’re in San Diego, you can visit Rug Expo and check our incredible selection. We have more than 120 of these rugs in different colors and shapes, and textures hanging on the racks. So you can look at more than 120 rugs in five minutes and see them in person. Or check some of our online selection of solid rugs. Check out the video above for a preview of the selections!