Do You Bleach My Fringe? – Why It’s Harmful To Your Rug

If that’s the question you may ask a rug cleaner, then this article is for you!

Rugs are not something you want to replace every year. But if your rug has developed a few stains or faded in the fringe area, what can you do?

Do You Bleach My Fringe

You may think of using bleach. But is it really safe? And does it actually work?
In this article, we’ll go over some of the risks associated with using bleach on your rug. We’ll also discuss how to eliminate those pesky stains without jeopardizing your investment.

What is bleaching and how does it work?

Do you bleach my fringe?

You may have heard many people ask rug cleaners this question. But you may not be aware of its function and also the consequences. 

Bleach is an oxidizing agent that removes stains from fabrics. This is done by combining them with the stain and changing its color. Bleach can be used in two different ways: as a liquid or as a powder. Liquid bleach is available in many different concentrations, ranging from 5% (full strength) to 20%. The higher the percentage, the more powerful it will be at whitening fabrics.

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Liquid bleach works by releasing hypochlorous acid (HOCl). The acid is released once the liquid bleach comes into contact with anything. This chemical reacts with both organic and inorganic compounds. These two materials form new compounds called chloramines.

Bleaching or dyeing your rug fringe?

You may think you’re protecting your rug from dirt and damage by bleaching your rug fringe. But it’s actually doing more harm than good. 

When you dye your rug fringe, you’re trying to blend in with the rest of the rug. The problem is that dye is permanent. So, if your rug fringes are a different color than the rest of your rug, it won’t look well.

So, do you bleach my fringe?

If you bleach your rug fringe, on the other hand, you’ll remove any discoloration and make them look new. But there’s no way to reverse this process once it’s done. Moreover, bleaching can cause permanent damage to certain types of rugs. Therefore, it’s not recommended at all!

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What are the disadvantages of bleaching your rug’s fringe?

With all the excitement surrounding rug cleaning, it’s easy to forget that there are some things you should never do! Maybe you’ve seen bleaching rug fringe in your local store or heard it from a friend. That’s when this question comes to your mind: do you bleach my fringe?!

However, it’s harmful to your rugs. Bleaching can weaken the fibers of your rug and cause them to become brittle and break. If this happens, you’ll have to replace your rug entirely, which is expensive and incredibly wasteful.

What are the benefits of bleaching your rug fringe

Additionally, bleaching will change the color of the fringe, making it less vibrant than before. This is especially important for those with antique rugs. These rugs were made with natural dyes sensitive to chemicals like bleach. So, bleaching them, even once, can ruin them entirely. 

Lastly, bleaching can cause discoloration on other parts of your rug. The color of your fringe may fade over time anyway if it isn’t being regularly cleaned. But if you bleach it too often, other parts of your rug might start looking dingy too.

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How to repair a damaged rug fringe?

Do you bleach my fringe?
You may want to skip this question and look for other ways that are actually practical and safe!

If you have a damaged or dirty fringe, there are other ways to fix it than bleaching. The best one is to let rug professionals take care of them. A professional will be able to assess the extent of the damage and provide you with options for repair. 

They may recommend replacing your entire rug or just patching up certain areas of it. Then, they will simply trim off the frayed ends using scissors or an electric trimmer. If the fringe is large and damaged, they could cut it off and reattach it with glue or sewing thread.

Do you bleach my fringe? You don’t need the answer!

“Do you bleach my fringe” 

Never ask this question again! Moreover, if your rug cleaner offers rug bleaching services, consider hiring someone else!

Bleaching your fringe has several serious consequences. These consequences include fiber breakdown and the bleaching of the color. So, if you want to maintain your rug for years, make sure to avoid this harmful practice!

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Instead, get some professional help! At Rug Expo, we have a professional rug team with years of experience in cleaning and repairing rugs. They know how to restore your rug fringe based on its problem and without using bleaching!

So, please contact us today and get your rug fringe repaired professionally!

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