Large Area Rugs & Oversized Rugs in San Diego

It’s hard to shop for Large Area Rugs and Oversized Rugs

Did you know that it’s normally quite difficult to shop for large-area rugs in local stores, or online? Very few local stores have space to stock an oversized rug. It’s also difficult to order one just based on a small rug sample or to return a large rug bought online. This is not the case at Rug Expo, San Diego’s largest rug store, which has a great inventory of all the popular large sizes in both machine-made and handmade versions hanging on racks. Here’s a recent video of owner Bijan Farrokhi showing off some of the machine-made designs and sizes available in stock and at our rug store. There are also links to our online selection as well. Large Area Rugs & Oversized Rugs in San Diego

Hi, this is Bijan again! Today, I want to show your our inventory of large area rugs, the 9×12 rug and 10×13 rugs for every budget. Rug Expo has the largest inventory of this size, in San Diego or even in Southern California.

Because we believe the sample doesn’t sell a large rug like a 10×13. You have to see a 10×13 rug in person to make a good decision.

We have a lot of selections here. You can get an affordable large-area rug for as low as $600. Mostly they are made of synthetic, some are wool. I’m going to show you some samples, very fast. As you see, they cover every different color and character from diffuse to very colorful. So the sky is the limit!

We have more than 400 10×13, and 9×12 machine-made rugs in stock. It’s a very hard size to find. In a lot of places you have to wait 3 or 4 weeks to get them, but here we are cash and carry… You can just take some of these rugs for as low as $600 and have them in your house on the same day!

And these are our traditional designs as you see. Again, these large area rugs are 9×12 rugs, 10×13 rugs, and even 10×14 rugs. So we want to save you time. When you come to Rug Expo, you pick your rug, and you have it in your home the same day!

So if you’re searching for “large area rugs near me,” in San Diego, drop by the Rug Expo rug store. We’re the best place to buy large-area rugs, whether locally or in our online store.