9 x 12 Rug for the Living Room, Dining Room or Bedroom

The 9 x 12 rug is one of the most popular and luxurious sizes area rugs. 9 by 12 rugs adds comfort and beauty and are often perfect for your living room, dining room, or bedroom. You can find them in a huge variety of different textures, materials, patterns, and colors!

First, what exactly is a 9 x 12 rug?

A 9×12 area rug measures roughly 9 feet by 12 feet. However, sometimes the rug sizes you search for are “rounded,” so they can be as much as 6″ smaller or larger in one or more dimensions, so be sure to check the exact dimensions if you’re looking for a perfect fit.

Living Room Rugs 9×12

9 x 12 living room rug

Your living room décor should invoke an atmosphere of calmness and relaxation. A living room rug can serve as the centerpiece for all your pieces and provides a harmonizing color palette. While there are many different living room area rugs like shaggy or textured rugs, there are some standard sizes for living room rugs. These include the 9 by 12 or even up to 11 feet by 14.

The most popular living room rugs are the medium-pile carpet that measures about 0.25 inches in height. You can find this type of living room area rug in many different colors.

Living Room Rug Colors

There are many beautiful color combinations available for a large rug like a 9 x 12. You could choose a color that matches or blends with other colors in the room, such as a color from the sofa, or you could choose something more vibrant. Again, consider the color of your sofa, drapes, walls, and floors as an inspiration. This is especially true if there are other subtle colors in it such as light browns, tans, or creams – these can be blended nicely into your rug color scheme.

For example, if you have an ocean-themed living room with lots of blue items (blue sofa or pillows etc.), then it would be great to tie them together with a light blue rug or choose a darker navy blue that gives more of an elegant living look.

If you want your rug to be the very first thing guests see when they walk in (or step on!), go with something bright and cheerful that is also welcoming. This might mean using colors such as yellow, peach, or light green. If there are no specific colors in your home’s design, go color crazy and pick a color you love!

9 x 12 Rug as a Dining Room Rug?

9 x 12 dinging room rug

Is a 9 x 12 Rug the right size for a Dining Room?

So if you’re wondering what size of rug should be under the dining room table, here are some tips. Dining room rugs are often 9 by 12 but sometimes they’re a little smaller or larger. The right size depends on your dining room and dining table. What’s the right size for your space? First, you should allow enough room for all the chairs around your dining room table to move in and out without snagging on the edge of your new rug. This means at least two and a half feet larger on each side, or 5 feet altogether. Also, measure the dining room you’re looking to fill with an area rug. Take into account any other furniture. A 9×12 carpet could be perfect for your dining room!\

Dining Room Rug Material

The best fabric or material for a rug in the dining room is durable, easy to clean. So it should be durable enough not to stain or damage easily. Wool and synthetic fabrics like polypropylene are your best choice.

Dining Room Rug Color

The first thing you should consider, is if this is a formal dining room, or for every day? There is the consideration of practicality vs. your ideal look. If this is your everyday dining room, a more practical color that will hide stains would be a safe bet.

But, if this is a more formal dining room that only gets special occasional use, then search for a dining room rug that makes you and your guests feel extra special. We recommend considering how dining room rug colors would affect the mood you’re going for. For example, a light blue dining room rug color can bring peace and tranquility to your space while also providing an inviting atmosphere. A dark grey dining room area rug may be fantastic if you want to create a more formal or elegant look.

If you have any questions about what size dining or living room rugs are right for your space please feel free to contact the Pros at Rug Expo.

Bedroom Rugs

Bedroom Rugs

Bedroom Rug Size

What size rug you should buy? Before you purchase a rug for your bedroom make sure to measure its size. Then lay out the dimensions of the desired size on a sheet of paper. You want to make sure there is enough room outside the edges without snagging on anything.

There are so many different bedroom rug sizes available! A bedroom rug that’s too big may seem out of place and bring in unnecessary clutter. But, a bedroom rug that’s too small can look out of place.

This is where knowing the right size bedroom rug for you comes into play. If it’s not too large or restricting then you probably have a great rug size for your bedroom. Remember the “Bigger is Better” rule when it comes to arranging an area rug under a bed. A rug that is too small will detract from the grand look and dimensions of the entire room.

Generally, 9 x 12 rugs can work well with a queen and even a king-size bed. But, you may opt for a bit larger if your bedroom is larger. For example, a 12×15 bedroom rug or an 11 x 14 bedroom area rug.

Bedroom Rug Color

Bedroom rugs come in many different colors but neutral and calm tones as beige, gray, silver, blue. We recommend these because they are calming and neutral colors that will work well with the bedroom décor. More on rug color below.

Check this quick video about how a 9×12 rug might be a good fit for your living room, dining room or bedroom:

Rug Color

A rug is a great room harmonizer, so make sure your rug’s colors don’t clash with your decor.

When choosing area rug colors, keep in mind the existing decor colors and how they affect each other. For example, if you have light-colored walls then a dark rug may not look good against them.

If you’re going with a neutral decor space, you could add texture with a rug. Consider a neutrals or solids rug in shaggy or textured style. You can also consider animal print rugs, harmonizing colors like silver-gray and blue area rugs for your color palette!

Want to add a serene ambiance to your space? Consider light blue, greens, and purples. These colors will ground your space with calm – perfect for the nursery or reading nook in your living room. Cool, watercolor-inspired colors make a room look more expansive and can work well in an area that feels cramped.

Always consider how lifestyle may affect the area rug’s color. A white shag may not be a good choice if you have kids, pets, or need to hide stains. Opting for thick, textured fibers will help minimize such flaws and make spills blend into the fibers more easily.  

What Material or Fabric for a 9 x 12 Rug?

Area rugs are typically made from top-quality wool, cotton, or polyester fibers. Here’s a breakdown of the options:

  • Wool: A wool area rug is a great option for those with allergies or want to keep the natural look of an area. It has a more traditional feel and looks best when paired with traditional furnishings.
  • Wool and Silk: These are the most luxurious rugs and often come with dimensions. This is where the silk portions are highlights at a different pile height.
  • Cotton: This fabric is affordable, durable and easy to clean. It has a more modern feel and looks best when paired with contemporary furnishings.
  • Synthetic: Synthetic rugs or polyester fiber rugs. All synthetic fiber rugs are machine-made but vary in price and quality. They are generally less expensive and easier to maintain. Because of automation and power loom construction machine-made material, these rugs are available in a vast array of colors, patterns, and textures.

Another difference can be detected by feeling the rug with your fingers. Hand-made rugs will often have more variation in pile height than a construction machine-made one.

Hand-made or Machine Made Rugs

The quality and price of a rug are determined by both its fabric, but mostly how it’s made.

– Handmade: This technique is more expensive than machine-made because it’s a time-consuming process. Handmade rugs are made from hand-spun wool, natural dyes, or silk with weavers using looms to produce beautiful traditional patterns in styles that have been passed down for generations. Handwoven rugs also tend to be higher in quality and more luxurious.

– Machine Made: A loom construction machine-made rug is a cheaper alternative to handmade rugs because it’s less time-consuming to make. Many of these rugs are made today by a technique power loom construction. The technique power loom construction includes weaving the fabric together using motors, cards and shuttles to produce patterns that are bolder than the traditional handwoven technique, with synthetic fibers or cotton being more common.

Rug Patterns and Textures :

– Geometric: A lot of these rugs are very geometric in nature and have a sharp precision about them. These patterns tend to focus more on shapes than textures or colors.

– Tribal: These rugs have bold, geometric patterns that often rely on strong colors to decorate. This decorating style is best for people who want their decor to stand out and be the center of attention.

You can find a 9 by 12 rug with Geometric pattern rugs that are often woven with acrylic fibers. More traditional and classic rugs are made of wool. As geometric pattern rug is typically woven from acrylic fibers, it often looks more modern than other rugs with a traditional and classic style. However, you can also find Southwestern or Killim style rugs hand-woven from wool.

Should you Get a 9 x 12 Rug Pad?

We recommend adding a rug pad to any rug that’s over a hardwood floor, which includes wood, laminate, and tile. This should also stop the shifting and sliding of your rug. Rug pads also help the rug stay in place and keep it from sliding around on the rug pad. Quite helpful if you have children or pets who like to play on your rug.

A rug pad is not usually necessary for rugs on carpet since the rug will naturally have enough padding. The exception is if you have a shifting and sliding pile that “creeps” or moves when you walk on it. Then you can get a special rug pad underneath to solve that problem.

Rug pads can be made of wool, cotton, or 100% polyester fiber. They all can protect your rug from wear, wrinkles, or damage by adding a layer of cushioning. Using a rug pad will not only add comfort underfoot but let your rug last longer in high-traffic areas.

Rug padding can help retain a good shape. This is especially important if you have shag or tasseled rugs that might otherwise form into a messy pile.

A rug pad is not necessarily used for high-traffic areas but there are exceptions that warrant using one:

When a rug is too small to cover the entire surface of your floor, a rug pad will work with your rug and stop it from sliding around.

If you have a high-traffic area where people are constantly walking back and forth on the rug. Then adding rug pads might be necessary for this type of environment. Shop rug pads online here. If you’re in San Diego, Rug Expo can custom cut a rug pad for you while you wait.


So now that you have some great info to find a perfect 9×12 rug for your living room, dining room, or bedroom. So take a look at some of the 9 by 12’s offered online at Rug Expo. Or if you’re nearby, please Rug Expo’s San Diego rug store.

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Here are a few specific brands that are our favorites:

Some popular 9×12 rugs for sale you can find on our site include:

  • Wool 9×12 area rugs
  • 9 x 12 cotton rug in light blue
  • Black and white area rugs 9 x 12
  • Power loomed rugs
  • Geometric patterned 9×12 rug
  • Old world 9 by 12 rugs
  • Animal print 9 x 12 rug
  • Neutral area rugs 9×12