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Shop Indoor-Outdoor Rugs Online, and view more in our San Diego, CA Showroom! Rug Expo has the best selection, with hundreds indoor/outdoor and patio rugs on racks and many more available with free shipping!


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  • Sale! Park Par-1
  • Sale! Lake Palace Lak-1 Lake Palace Lak-1
  • Sale! Villa Vi-07 Villa Vi-07

    Villa Vi-07

    $31.00$383.00 Select options
  • Sale! Villa Vi-08 Villa Vi-08

    Villa Vi-08

    $31.00$383.00 Select options
  • Sale! Baileys Beach Bai-2 Baileys Beach Bai-2
  • Sale! Palm Beach Pam-4 Palm Beach Pam-4

    Palm Beach Pam-4

    $42.00$1,021.00 Select options
  • Sale! Under A Loggia Und-1 Under A Loggia Und-1
  • Sale! Under A Loggia Und-2 Under A Loggia Und-2
  • Sale! Under A Loggia Und-3 Under A Loggia Und-3
  • Sale! Under A Loggia Und-4 Under A Loggia Und-4
  • Sale! Under A Loggia Und-5 Under A Loggia Und-5
  • Sale! Sun N Shade SND02 Sun N Shade SND02
  • Sale! Sun N Shade SND10
  • Sale! Harbor 4238 Harbor 4238

    Harbor 4238

    $58.65$602.65 Select options
  • Sale! Lana CMZ-LANA-673
  • Sale! Lana SDC-LANA-340
  • Sale! Lana YDN-LANA-981
  • Sale! Home-Garden RS085 Home-Garden RS085
  • Sale! Home-Garden RS093 Home-Garden RS093
  • Sale! Home-Garden RS094 Home-Garden RS094
  • Sale! Lana YZL-LANA-675
  • Sale! Sun N Shade SND22 Sun N Shade SND22

    Sun N Shade SND22

    $132.00$473.00 Select options
  • Sale! Sun N Shade SND26

    Sun N Shade SND26

    $132.00$473.00 Select options
  • Sale! Sun N Shade SND30 Sun N Shade SND30

    Sun N Shade SND30

    $132.00$473.00 Select options
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Sun N Shade SND30

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