Ultimate Guide To Buying Area Rugs at Rug Expo

The Ultimate guide to buying area rugs will come in handy for you!

Guide To Buying Area Rugs
  • Are you looking for area rugs to enhance the appearance of your house or office? 
  • Did you know there are several important factors to consider before buying area rugs?

Ultimate Guide To Buying Area Rugs, There are so many options out there when it comes to buying rugs. Whether for beautifying your home, adding warmth to it, or just giving everything a fresh look, you have many choices. 

This is why we’ve put together this guide to help simplify the process for you. So, read on to ensure that when you buy an area rug, it’s exactly what you want!

Pick The Perfect Size And Shape

Your rug should fit the space. It will look lost and out of place if it’s too small. And it can be overwhelming for a living room or entryway if it’s too big.

Consider how often people move around on rugs. In other words, do they stand or sit? A round or oval rug works well for living rooms. That’s because people tend to stay in one spot when relaxing there. Ultimate Guide To Buying Area Rugs. So, even though the room may feel large overall, having an area rug will define where people should stand. 

Why are round rugs perfect for living rooms?

A round rug is ideal for large rooms where many pieces come together as one cohesive design element. This shape is more contemporary than traditional. So, it works well with modern furniture styles.

What are oval rugs good for?

Oval rugs are similar in shape but slightly less formal than other circular rugs. Yet, both offer plenty of versatility depending on how much space you need to be covered! In addition, oval rugs come in all sizes. Ultimate Guide To Buying Area Rugs. So, finding one should be easy enough, no matter what decorating style suits your room best. 

What are oval rugs good for?

Choose The Colors Carefully

The rug color is essential, as it can either bring your room together or create a disorganized look. For example, suppose you have a lot of natural light in your room. Choosing a rug with soft, neutral tones will complement the sunlight. However, for darker wood furniture or floors, consider adding an area rug with bolder hues.

Try to avoid using too many different colors in one room. It will make things look busy and chaotic! Instead, choose something that complements the existing tone already in that space. 

Get The Thickness Right

The thickness of your rug is measured in millimeters. A thicker rug is more expensive but will last longer and feel luxuriously soft underfoot. If you want to save money on your area rug purchase, opt for a thinner one. Ultimate Guide To Buying Area Rugs. That’s easier to move around without damaging the flooring underneath it. 

However, thinner rugs tend to wear out faster than thicker ones. Also, once they’re worn out, they can hardly be repaired or restored!

How thick should your area rug be? 

Go with at least an inch of pile height, especially if you plan on keeping it in place for years. Ultimate Guide To Buying Area Rugs. Anything less than that may not provide enough cushioning.

Consider Pattern And Texture

Patterns are a great way to add interest to an area rug. Patterns can be geometric or floral, subtle or bold, symmetrical or asymmetrical. Some patterns will make your room seem smaller, while others will make it feel larger. Therefore, pay attention to the pattern as it affects the overall look of your room.

Know The Difference Between Types Of Rugs

There are three main types of rugs: wool, silk, and polyester. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Wool rugs are made from natural fibers gained from sheep or goats. They’re generally more durable than other types of rug materials. Ultimate Guide To Buying Area Rugs. However, they are difficult to clean if stained with something like red wine. So, keep this in mind when considering whether this material is suitable for your home.

Silk rugs have a softer feel than wool ones and are more expensive. Moreover, silk does not fade when exposed directly to sunlight. So, it makes silk rugs ideal for outdoor use. 

Finally, polyester rugs offer excellent durability while still being relatively affordable. Most importantly, they still keep all their original color after cleaning.

Decide Between Hard-Backed And Soft-Backed Area Rugs

Hard-backed rugs are more durable and more expensive than soft-backed rugs. They’re also more difficult to clean. So, if you have children or pets, the extra work might not be worth the price tag! But with no kids or pets in your house, hard-backed rugs can be a great investment that lasts for years.

Soft-backed area rugs are easier on your wallet but require more maintenance. Ultimate Guide To Buying Area Rugs. They need more frequent vacuuming and spot cleaning than hard-backed ones. If you want something affordable and casual yet elegant, then go with a soft rug!


This article altogether covered every aspect you should consider when buying area rugs. It’s all about your taste and needs that determine which area rug is right for you. That said, with all the factors mentioned in this article, you can choose the perfect rug for your place.

Rug Expo has hired professional staff that can help you buy area rugs. You can consult them and make sure the rug best fits your room!

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