The Best Valuable Rugs – How to Determine Their Value

You may not get surprised if you hear about a painting sold for thousands of dollars. However, the fact that the highest amount of money spent on a rug is 33 million dollars might somehow be shocking for you. The reason is that most people see rugs as a type of furniture covering the floor and adding comfort or aesthetic value to the place rather than a piece of sheer art. Looking at rugs as great masterpieces, many house owners are willing to spend lots of money to buy valuable rugs. 

You may not get surprised if you hear about a painting sold for thousands of dollars

In this article, you’ll learn why some people buy rugs with great value and how to maintain this artistic flat furniture. You’ll also learn to determine a rug’s value yourself. But first, let’s find out why some people always look for the best value rugs.

Why do some people prefer to buy expensive valuable rugs?

Those who want their houses to look classy and give out luxurious vibes are big fans of valuable rugs. Once these rugs are placed in the room, they level up the style and appearance of the place. 

However, it’s not always about the beauty and luxury they give to the environment. Many people buy expensive rugs as they are more durable and have higher quality, meaning that they can be used for an extended period of time before needing to replace them.

So, what features give these rugs value? To answer this question, let’s have a look at some factors affecting the price of the rugs.

How to determine a rug’s value?

How much you pay for a certain rug depends on various factors, including the market trends and the price rug dealers set for the products. However, these two factors do not determine the true value of a rug, as trends are meant to last for just a period. Below you can see the list of criteria, showing the actual rug value. 

How much you pay for a certain rug depends on various factors, including the market trends


It goes without saying that larger rugs take more materials, time, and effort. So, you can expect an 8 x 10 rug to cost more than one with 5 x 8 dimensions. 


A rug’s age is closely tied up to how rare it is. A rug that was woven a century ago, also called an antique rug, consists of materials that may no longer be available nowadays. So, the older the rug, the rarer and more valuable. A vintage rug also refers to the one woven a few decades ago. Vintage rugs are more affordable than antique ones. They are more personal and can be an heirloom passed down through generations.


Among all the rug materials used for weaving rugs, silk is the most expensive one. This is because silk rugs are made from silkworm cocoons, making them rare and very hard to attain. In addition, silk rugs are strong and feel so soft that they provide the ideal rug everyone’s looking for, durable and comfortable!


Hundreds of years ago, there were no certain patterns for rug designs, and every single rug was unique. After that, rug weavers started to follow particular patterns and structures. Therefore, several rugs with the same designs were created, considerably decreasing their price as they were no longer one-of-a-kind. So, no wonder that old rugs with unique designs that can’t be found anywhere else are of great value and price. 

How to maintain our valuable rugs?

Rugs are essential parts of any home. So, they need to be treated with care. However, your valuable rugs need double care as they are made of more expensive materials, and any damage on them will take lots of money to be repaired. 

One of the most important things you can do to maintain your rug is to vacuum it regularly. If you have pets in the house, then you should vacuum more often as pet hair will get trapped in the rug fibers and cause it to wear out quicker. To make sure that your rug stays clean, you should be aware of what spills can do to it. For example, anything acidic can cause the colors on the rug to fade, and alcohol can cause the rug’s dyes to bleed into other fabrics nearby. That’s why you should always clean up any spills as soon as possible, so they don’t have time to do damage.

All in all, valuable rugs are more vulnerable and can easily get damaged by incorrect cleaning methods and harmful washing detergents. That’s why we recommend you leave your precious rug in the hands of experienced rug experts and get it professionally cleaned. 

What is the best way to store a valuable area rug?

There are many different ways to store an area rug. The method you choose should depend on the type of rug and the length of time it will be stored.

There are many different ways to store an area rug.

Some people store their valuable area rugs in the garage. However, this is not the best way, as garages contain chemicals that can cause damage to your rug. Plus, sometimes, they have a moist environment and provide suitable conditions for fungi and moths. So, the best way to store a valuable area rug is in a climate-controlled storage unit. For example, you can use a spare room or storage space where you can control the temperature and humidity levels, so, that extreme changes in temperature or humidity will not damage your rug.

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