The 7 Best Rug Stores in the Bay Area

best rug stores in the Bay Area, Coming back home from an enjoyable picnic in the beautiful nature of Burlingame, you feel like something is missing in your living room. You look for a word to describe it, but all you can think of is the lack of warmth and coziness in your lovely room designed by your favorite theme and furniture. What can really meet your needs and make your living room a comfortable and delightful place? You must be missing a rug! 

Coming back home from an enjoyable picnic in the beautiful nature of Burlingame

Rugs are not just a decoration; they provide warmth and protection from dust and dirt. However, buying the best rug for your home takes patience and time. If you live in the Bay Area, California, you have all the answers for where to buy the best rugs right in front of you! In this article, we introduce the seven best rug stores in the Bay Area and teach you how to know if a rug store is qualified.

How to evaluate a quality rug store?

Buying high-quality rugs in the Bay Area is closely tied to the store you choose to get your rug from. No one can distinguish between qualified and ineligible rug stores by just looking through its windows or the website. Therefore, we’ve covered the most important criteria you should consider when choosing a rug store in the Bay Area. 

Customer service

The best way to evaluate a rug store is to check its customer service. Free shipping throughout the Bay Area could be one of the customer services that help you save money. In addition, people who have had a good experience with the store will be more than happy to talk about it and tell you their story. So, you can take a look at reviews on the website or ask the people who have bought rugs from it. 

Wide variety of rugs 

A quality rug store should have a variety of well-made, durable, and high-quality rugs, from traditional and vintage rugs to ones with modern patterns and styles. Having an extended variety helps the customers find the one that perfectly fits their places. It should also have a range of prices so customers can purchase according to their budget.  

Knowledgeable staff

The people working in the store should have solid knowledge about different types of rugs and their prices, so, that they can recommend what would work best for the customers. They should also be able to give the buyers professional advice on how to clean and maintain the rugs. 


As mentioned before, there should be a wide range of prices to fit any budget. Some Rugs are rare and are known as one-of-a-kind. Therefore, you can expect their price to be considerably high. However, all prices need to be reasonable and match the rugs’ qualities. If the prices seem too high, then it might be better to look elsewhere because this means that they are not offering competitive prices, and there might be other stores that offer better deals on their products.

Do the rug stores offer rug cleaning as well?

Cleaning a rug is not an easy task, and if it’s done unprofessionally, rugs may get damaged. Therefore, some rug stores offer a variety of services that can help make your life easier. They will not only sell you a rug, but they will also help you pick out one and clean it for you.

It is quite normal throughout the USA to get your rug cleaned by rug stores as they are all competing to offer the best services that perfectly meet their customers’ needs. 

Cleaning a rug is not an easy task, and if it’s done unprofessionally, rugs may get damaged.

For example, Rug Expo takes pride in cleaning the customers’ rugs in the best and most proper way, using advanced methods and tools. Moreover, our team is always ready to help you by answering your questions and explaining the whole cleaning process to you. So all you need to do is to contact us and let our rug experts take care of the entire process. 

The best rug stores in the Bay Area

The Bay Area has many rug stores that offer something different. One store might specialize in antique rugs, while another might specialize in contemporary designs. Some stores have a wide variety of products, while others are more focused on one type of rug or product. It can be hard to decide which store is the best. That’s why we have introduced the seven best rug stores in this region for you.

Istanbul Rug

  • Located in Menlo Park
  • From modern and contemporary to oriental and antique handmade rugs
  • Offering carpet cleaning, repair, and stain & odor removal
  • Eco-friendly 
  • Free estimates 
  • Certified professionals

Bay Area Rugs Outlet

  • Located in San Mateo
  • Offering carpet cleaning, repair, water extraction, and stain & odor removal
  • Cryptocurrency accepted 
  • Plastic-free packaging

Ruby Rugs

  • Located in Berkeley
  • From modern, traditional, and transitional styles to the luxurious area rugs
  • Cryptocurrency accepted
  • Pet friendly 
  • Free consultations 
  • Discounts available 


  • Located on North Main St Walnut Creek
  • Oriental Persian and Turkish handmade rugs
  • Cryptocurrency accepted

Pera Rug

  • Located in Napa
  • Luxury and handmade rugs, including Hereke Silk rugs and tons of tons of styles of traditional and modern rugs
  • Free consultations 
  • Offering customized solutions 

Roja Home

  • Located in Mill Valley
  • From handmade rugs in modern to transitional, traditional, and tribal style
  • Free consultations 
  • Pet friendly
  • Offering military discount 

Fazli’s Rugs

  • Located in Albany
  • From antique and tribal rugs to stylish and contemporary ones
  • Offering carpet cleaning, repair, and stain & odor removal
  • Eco-friendly 
  • Free estimates 
  • Pet friendly

With the best rug stores in the Bay Area introduced and the most important criteria covered to recognize qualified rug stores, you can now find the best rug store to buy the rug you’re looking for. 

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