Easy Room Makeover Ideas

Some Room Makeover Ideas to revive your room with a stylish look

Are you ready for some easy room makeover ideas? Perhaps a bedroom makeover or a living room makeover? Living in the same interior for years can make your space feel out of date and perhaps drab. But it’s easier to give your home a “room facelift” and a fresh look than you think. It doesn’t take much, and you may not even have to change your furniture!

Preview: The easiest room makeover ideas are: 1) A great new rug, which can significantly impact your room’s look. 2) Updating one or more walls with a super color and shade of paint. 3) Creatively rearrange the furniture you’ve got. 4) Using other “color” items such as pillows and throws. 5) Curate and renew a few fabulous new accessories. 6) A trend is updating with more compact pieces of furniture.

Easy Room Makeover Idea #1: Add a Great Rug.

Rugs are now considered an essential and foundational element of room décor. They’re the easiest of the room makeover ideas because you don’t have the hassle of painting; you can probably buy and pick up one at your local store today! Area rugs can make a huge impact! Not only for your family or living room, but you can also lay gorgeous rugs in your dining room, kitchen, hall, staircases, and under or at the foot of your beds. If you have an otherwise muted room, a new rug can become the centerpiece of your décor of each room by creating a contrasting focal point with a great design and style while unifying and accentuating one or two colors.

For a vibrant look to your room, you can always go for a contemporary rug or a brighter Persian rug. Area rugs come in numerous shapes like square, rectangle, circle, oval, runners, and other randomly elongated shapes.

If you are an art lover, rugs, especially handmade Persian rugs or oriental rugs, genuinely are art. You can use rugs as a wall hanging and a large-canvas art. Modern Rugs have an eye-popping effect on your guests.

Room Makeover Idea #2: Paint the walls with an influencing hue.

Changing the color of the walls paints also has a significant impact on changing the feel and look of a room. No room makeover is complete without new paint. It is a bit messier, however than buying a rug. But you can paint the walls with the desired color by yourself in a weekend. After you’ve picked out a rug, a rep at your local Home Depot can help with color ideas for your walls. If you want your room to have a subtle look, you can go for a blue-grey color. If you want to have a vibrant and bright atmosphere, then you can go for shades of orange, green, yellow, etc.

Livingroom Makeover Before and After

The rug’s design should harmonize and accentuate the desired colors, often having the same or palette as your paint, furniture, walls, drapes, and accessories. Sometimes your rug will boldly or more colorfully contrast against more muted and neutral colors. If possible, try taking one or more rugs home with a different color scheme and design before buying it.
That way, you can see how the colors and design work to pull all your pieces together, including any new paint samples.

room makeover before and after with a rug

Easy Room Makeover Ideas #3: Rearrange your Furniture.

Can you rearrange your furniture? Maybe put your sofa on an angle? In a larger living room, there are lots of options. You can define a new space, for example, using a rug to define a sitting area, lined by your new, compact furniture. Rearranging your furniture is excellent and inexpensive way to give your room a makeover. Or, if you’re ready to upgrade a couch, loveseat or chair, consider the colors as part of the cohesive design and color scheme you’re looking to achieve.

Idea #4: Pillows, Throws and Drapes

As mentioned, the main parts of your room you can change up your furniture, wall color and area rug. Other key items that are part of the color palette include pillows, throws, and drapes. Many people don’t have drapes these days so it’s more of a matter of combining the major and minor colors and patterns between furniture and walls with a rug, pillows and throws. How do you know what colors to use in your palette? It comes down to balance and preference for vibrancy in both colors and patterns, light and dark. You may opt for cleaner solid and muted color rugs, such as gray rugs, which gives a minimalistic, modern and clean look. This might be to balance more vibrancy in your accessories. Alternatively, if your walls, furniture are muted, you may opt for a more vibrant colored rug or rug style.

Makeover Idea #5: Accessories:

Now for the fun part! Home décor accessories include wall arts, lamp lanterns, lampshades, table cloths, house plants, candle holders, artificial flowers, cushions, photo frames and collages, stickers and decals, wall clocks, etc. Individually these things appear to be insignificant. But overall, they have a massive impact on the appearance and feel of your room. You can exponentially increase the brightness of the room by just changing the curtains and pillow covers. The primary purpose of decorating is to create a background for your life. It can make the atmosphere light and optimistic. A wall painting can draw a lot of attention from viewers; you can always include any antique article, like a flower vase or an artificial sword, to create a dramatic effect. Many people even have aquariums in their room to make it look vibrant. Nowadays, there are many cool things like 3-D tiles and floors to affect your room dramatically.

Accessories can be great additions but remember not to overdo them. Also, keeping all the items in an overall theme. This creates a beautiful ambiance and leaves a great impression.

Idea #6 Add compact furniture.

You don’t have to replace your furniture. Certainly not everything if you’re on a budget. But imagine your room if you replace the outdated, voluminous, heavy furniture with more modern and compact ones. Is your sofa or main pieces of furniture “oversized” for your room? Paring down the scale of furniture can create a cleaner and more open living space. You might consider clearing out old pieces, like side tables or bookcases that are just taking up space. If you’re downsizing, this aligns somewhat with the developing culture of the smart home. There is a space constraint, especially with people living in flats. They need to manage the amount of space they have. You can always pare down, simplify, and go for compact furniture.

Hopefully, these room makeover ideas will give you some inspiration and ideas to update and refresh one or more of your home spaces! It’s not very hard to do, especially if you only update with a rug and some select accessories. So why not renovate your rooms every few years and give yourself, family, and guests a new, energetic and optimistic look? We invite you to check the area rugs available at Rug Expo.