Just How Much Dirt Is Hiding In Your Dirty Rug?

Do you have a Dirty Rug? If so, just how much dirt is hiding in your rug? Along with allergens, pathogens, pet and food stains, do you really want to know? The answer in a bit… but as you can see in the video with this extreme example, it can be a lot more than you think!

Most of the dirt in your home is either dirt carried in from your shoes, dust in air or food and dander from you and your pets. It can really build up over time! A first step that the experts at Rug Expo take, before your professional rug wash, is to gently beat and vibrate your rug thousands of times a minute with a machine that releases much of the dirt.

Vacuuming and/or water washing alone can’t get to much of this dirt, because it’s embedded in the pile of the rug, which also creates a breeding ground bacteria and viruses.

As you walk and live on your rugs, it can affect your indoor air quality and accordingly, your health.

That’s why for health concerns – and the life of your rug–especially if you have invested in an oriental or Persian rug you need to protect it with a professional off-site rug cleaner like at Rug Expo.

A surface cleaning, the quick and cheap kind you get from any “in-home” service such as carpet cleaners, will leave much of this dirt behind, which can also damage your rug. Without professional rug cleanings – every 2-3 years, dirt can stay in your rug and act like sandpaper grinding on the fibers when you walk on it. After this first step of dusting and beating, it can reduce the weight of the rug by up to 20%.

Now, this beating hasn’t released all of the dirt! This is only the second step we take to fully clean your rug from the dirt, grime, food and pet stains, allergens and bacteria that are lurking in your rug.

Rug Expo offers a full-immersion rug washing for all types of Area rugs, Persian and Oriental rugs. Our multi-step process ensures that we will get ALL of the dirt out of your rug and restore it to its original sheen and shine. Our process includes the following steps:

Our process includes the following steps for Dirty Rug

  1. Pre-Inspection: First, we pre-inspect your rug to assure that it can be cleaned and to determine any areas that need special treatment.
  2. Dust your Rug: Next, we lay the rug face down on a grid mat and gently agitate the back of your rugs with a rug duster vacuum in order to remove as much dry dirt as possible. We then flip the rug over and do it again. The dusting process basically beats the dirt out of your rug.
  3. Wash Rug: We place the rug in a wash pit and gently agitate the rug with soft brushes and cleaning solutions designed specifically for rugs.
  4. Rinse Rug: After thoroughly washing the rug, we rinse it until all soap and dirt are removed.
  5. Dry Rug: Then, we extract as much water out of the rug before we hang it to dry. We then do a controlled drying of your rug.
  6. Hand brush Fringe: If the rug has fringe, we hand brush and additionally clean the fringe.
  7. Vacuum & Groom: Finally, when the rug is dry, we vacuum it and give it soft grooming so the pile will lift back up.
  8. Post Inspection: We give your rug a final inspection and then we roll it and deliver it back to you.

Rug Expo offers Free pick-up and delivery of your rug with a one to one and one half week turn-around.

So here is the answer to how much dirt is in your rug: Even though a study by Eureka demonstrated that up to 87 lbs. of dirt could be hidden in a 9 x 12 area rug, it’s more likely you’ll have only a few ounces of accumulated dirt per square foot. So if it’s been a while for you—especially if you have kids or pets, just imagine the amount of dirt your house could be hiding!

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