How to Deep Clean Kilim Rugs in San Diego, CA

Looking to get deep clean kilim rugs in San Diego? This article is for you!

Kilim rugs are a type of flat woven rug that originated in Western Asia and the surrounding regions. They date back to at least the beginning of the fourteenth century. Kilims are probably one of the oldest types of reproductions made by humans. They can last for decades if cared for properly. 

Deep Clean Kilim Rugs in San Diego

So, if you want to keep your kilim rug well-maintained for years, you need to take good care of it. One of the ways to do that is deep cleaning your kilim rug. Your rug needs a deep cleaning, just as it needs regular cleaning. 

This article covers everything you need to know about deep cleaning kilim rugs. So first, let’s start with the history behind these rugs and how they are made. 

What is the history of kilim rugs?

Before learning how to deep clean kilim rugs in San Diego, why not learn where your kilim rug actually comes from? The history of Kilim rugs dates back thousands of years. A kilim is a flat-woven rug made by nomadic tribes. This type of rug is commonly found in Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, and Central Asia. It comes from the Persian word “gelim” meaning “to spread roughly.”

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A 5th-century BC kilim rug was discovered in the Altai Mountains of Siberia. Kilim rugs were initially used as floor coverings, but they also served as saddlebags, tent coverings, and wall hangings.

There has been a growing interest in sustainable and ethical decor in recent years. So, kilim rugs have become popular among those who support traditional crafts. These people also prefer to buy kilim rugs as they are environmental-friendly. As a result, many artisans and small businesses now offer handmade kilim rugs made using eco-friendly materials.

Kilim rugs have bold geometric designs and bright colors, often reflecting cultural traditions. For example, many kilim rugs feature stylized animal motifs. Deep Clean Kilim Rugs in San Diego. These motifs are believed to provide protection and good luck.

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In the early 20th century, kilim rugs gained popularity in Europe and America. They were prized for their unique beauty and craftsmanship. Today, kilim rugs continue to be popular as decorative pieces worldwide. They remain an important part of the cultural heritage of the countries where they originated.

What is a kilim rug made of?

Kilim rugs are made using a unique weaving technique that produces a flat, tapestry-like surface. The material used in making kilim rugs is mostly wool, which is sometimes combined with cotton. Unlike other types of rugs, they don’t have a pile, and the pattern is created by interweaving different colored threads. The warp and weft threads are typically made of wool or cotton, and natural dyes are often used to create vibrant colors.

Kilims are durable and last for a long time as they’re woven tightly. However, they still need regular cleaning to keep them looking their best. That is the reason why you need to find a professional to deep clean kilim rugs in San Diego.

Why should I deep clean kilim rugs in San Diego?

Washing your kilim rug regularly will help keep it looking its best. It’s particularly important during wintertime when you’re likely to track in more dirt than usual. Deep Clean Kilim Rugs in San Diego. Also, if you have pets, washing them at least once monthly will ensure their fur doesn’t get stuck in the fibers. So, you won’t need to worry about the damage caused by pets’ hair.

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Moreover, you need to deep clean your kilim rugs to keep the colors vibrant for years. This is another essential part of maintaining your rugs. 

Deep Clean Kilim Rugs in San Diego

When you deep clean kilim rugs in San Diego, you’ll help keep dust mites at bay! Dust mites are microscopic creatures that live on dead skin cells. They thrive in dark places like beds, couches, and rugs. These contaminants can lead to serious health problems. They will also make an unhygienic environment in your home. 

Moreover, some stains caused by spillage and dirt are stuck deep down in the layers of your kilim rug. These stains won’t easily come out by regular cleaning.

The good news is that deep cleaning your kilim rugs helps eliminate these contaminants and stains. Professional rug cleaners use strong yet safe ingredients to remove unaccessible dirt and stains from your rug.

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Where to find the companies that deep clean kilim rugs in San Diego, CA?

If you’re looking for professionals to deep clean kilim rugs in San Diego, Rug Expo is your best bet! Our team specializes in cleaning all types of rugs, including Persian and Turkish Kilims, Indian Saris, Chinese Rugs, and more!

Deep Clean Kilim Rugs in San Diego

If your kilim rug needs some TLC, we know what to do! No matter if your rug is too big or heavy. We have several portable machines allowing us to clean rugs of any size safely.

Find a professional who knows how to deep clean kilim rugs in San Diego

Kilim rugs are one of the oldest handmade rugs in the world. They’re also beautiful, durable, and long-lasting, meaning they can be challenging to clean! That’s why we recommend getting help from a professional to deep clean kilim rugs in San Diego. Luckily, rug experts are available everywhere and ready to give you a hand!

Rug Expo’s professional team can help you get the best look out of your kilim rug. They are well-trained in all sorts of cleaning and maintenance procedures. So, you can trust us to do the job right. We also offer affordable prices. Therefore, you won’t have to spend a fortune to get your kilim rug cleaned professionally!

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