Rug Odor – How to Clean even Smoke or Fire Damage

Does your area rug have a noticeable odor? Over the years, with dust, footwear, pet oils and food debris, they can get pretty stinky! You might have the more mundane rug pet odor problem, or you could even have a more extreme cleaning problem: fire or smoke damage to your rug. No matter the type of rug odor removal you need, read on.

rug odor removal
An oriental rug with smoke odor and damage brought in a Rug Expo client.

Need Rug Odor Removal?

Living here in California comes with a lot of costs unique to our sunny state. With our dry air and sea breeze, we are still succumbing to fires. A few years back we had a few more extreme years with wildfires. After our amazing fire crews had put out the fires and saved many lives and homes, then came the clean-up process. Rug cleaning for fire and smoke damage can be very difficult, especially if you try to use an in-home carpet cleaning service. But rug odor removal and deep cleaning for fire and smoke is necessary for not only aesthetic reasons but for health as well.

Rug Odor Cleaning for your Health

A fire and smoke replicates in a few days what years of normal dust accumlatiing on your uncleaned runs. So even if fire and smoke hasn’t directly affected you, some of that smoke and ash could have gone airborne and stuck the odor and particles to your rugs. It may seem like a minor inconvenience, but these particles can cause sore throats, eye irritation, and nose bleeds. This means the rug cleaning is necessary to avoid health issues, not just to keep a clean home. Now if you haven’t cleaned your rug in a few years, it can be just as dirty as a rug exposed to smoke.

Start Right Away

Rug cleaning for fire and smoke damage needs to be immediate. If you live in San Diego, you need to seek us out and let us help you as soon as possible. The acidity of soot and ash harms your rug surfaces. Our experts can professionally clean and wash your rugs away of the soot and ash particles that carry the odor. Afterwards, you will need to vacuum regularly to keep your rugs in the best condition.

Rug Odor Eliminator

In a situation where your rug was left outside or was even part of a fire, it’ll require more deep rug cleaning to remedy it. Rug cleaning still requires washing, but it will also need to be deodorized with enzyme solutions to “digest the proteins” which removes and virtually eliminates the odors from natural fibers. Our the sooner our professional rug cleaning experts can get your rug, the more heavy ash, soot particles and odor they can remove.

When a home goes through fire damage, sometimes one of the few items that can be salvaged are wool and silk rugs. It’s not much, but when everything else is torched to oblivion, it’s still something. It just adds to the story of your rug investment. So take care of it. Contact us with any concerns or questions. Our rug cleaning experts are here for you.

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