Carpet And Area Rug Cleaning: How to Maintain Your Rugs

carpet and area rug cleaning, When was the last time you cleaned your rug?

Did you know you must clean your area rugs and carpets at least once a year?

carpet and area rug cleaning, When was the last time you cleaned your rug?

As a rug owner, you should always keep an eye on any incident that may damage your rug or make it look dirty. In other words, your area rugs and carpets need careful maintenance. This article covers the most important things you should know about maintaining your rugs, as well as some helpful tips. So first, let’s find out why maintaining your rugs is significantly important.  

Why is it important to maintain your rugs?

It takes lots of time, material, and effort to weave a precious rug. Therefore, they are costly and need to be carefully maintained. A good rug can cost thousands of dollars, and while they are worth the money, it is a shame to see them ruined by neglect. Then, you are just wasting money on something that will need to be replaced sooner than later. 

The second reason is that a rug is an investment in your home. It is not only a decoration but also protection for your flooring. So, it will last longer if you take care of it properly. 

Moreover, dirty, stained rugs have an adverse effect on the air quality of your home. If you have allergies, this can lead to many respiratory problems. You also want to maintain it because the fibers will break down over time and need replacement or repair.

Can you get your carpets and area rugs professionally cleaned?

Cleaning and repairing rugs are not easy tasks and require special knowledge and experience. Apart from cleaning and repairing, maintaining rugs includes stain removal, padding, storing, etc. Wouldn’t it be great if you could hire a rug expert to do everything previously mentioned for you?

As long as you cover your floors with rugs, professional area rug and carpet cleaning services are a must. Not only will they make your carpets look better, but they will also improve the air quality in the room.

If you have a pet that likes to play with your rug, or if you have kids who spill their drinks on the floor, then it is important to get your carpets professionally cleaned.

Professional area rug and carpet cleaning services are an investment that can save you from future headaches. Meaning that you won’t need to get involved in the whole cleaning process. You just have to call a rug cleaning company, get your rug picked up, and wait until it gets back to your house all clean and repaired! 

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Tips on how to keep your carpet and area rug clean

Here are some useful tips to help maintain your area rugs and carpets and keep them clean. 

carpet and area rug cleaning
  1. Vacuum carpets at least once a week. Vacuuming removes the dirt and dust accumulated over time, trapping it deep inside the carpet fibers.
  2. If you have pets, vacuum carpets more often than once a week. Pets shed hair and dander, which can get trapped in the carpet fibers and cause allergies for people who are sensitive to animal dander.
  3. Remove any spills as soon as they happen by blotting up the liquid with a towel or cloth, then using a wet/dry vacuum cleaner to suck up any remaining liquid from the surface of the carpet or area rug.
  4. Clean spills as soon as they happen by blotting up the liquid with paper towels or cloths.
  5. Use mild detergent mixed with water to clean the stains appearing on your area rugs. 
  6. Do not scrub on stains using a brush or sponge, as it’ll make the particles go deeper down the rug’s fibers and layers. 
  7. Vacuum carpets in the same direction as traffic flow or any other place where there is movement.
  8. Use mats outside of your house if you have pets that go in and out of the house frequently. 

Cleaning your area rugs and carpets couldn’t be easier with the help of professional rug cleaners and experts. Here at Rug Expo, we’ve hired the best and most skilled rug cleaners to take care of your area rugs and carpets properly. So, please contact us today and leave the whole process to our team. 

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