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Rug Expo is offering a limited-time deal for rug cleaning. For a short period, you can get 25% off on our professional rug cleaning services. This is a great opportunity to refresh and restore your rugs, whether they are antique, handmade, or machine-made. We use the best equipment and techniques to clean your rugs and make them look like new. Don’t miss this chance to save money and enjoy your rugs. Call us today to claim your 25% off coupon.

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This is our basic shampoo and cleaning providing a more cost-effective way to have your rugs cleaned. Rugs are inspected, dusted, soaked and washed, clear rinsed, dried and finished. See the steps below. Basic Rug Wash sanitizes your rug, but may not remove certain kinds of stains.


It's our premium cleaning service providing the cleanest and softest result and is recommended for fine, handmade wool and silk rugs, or dirtier or stained rugs. It includes our best shampoo, sanitizers, deodorizers, a longer stain removal process. This process can remove 80-98% of stains and odors.

Why You Should Choose Rug Expo

Rug Expo is a professional rug store that also provides quality rug services, including rug cleaning. Rug Expo has over 25 years of experience in the rug industry and knows how to handle any type of rug. Whether you have a wool, silk, cotton, synthetic, or natural fiber rug, Rug Expo can clean it safely and effectively. Rug Expo uses the latest equipment and techniques to remove dirt, stains, odors, allergens, and bacteria from your rugs. Rug Expo also offers pet stain and odor removal service for your furry friends’ accidents.